“Best pool store in the Parkersburg area! Friendly, helpful, and stocked.”

Kevin S.

“They always have exactly what I’m looking for and the employees are all very knowledgeable.”

Jill L.

“I would recommend this place to anyone that has a pool or hot tub great service and great prices.”

Cheryl A.

“Fantastic customer service. They help you as soon as you walk through the door.”

Marlana S.

“Great place. Employees know their stuff and are always ready to help.”

Lisa B.

“Have dealt with them since we bought our house that came with a pool. Always helpful and willing to listen!”

Kipp F.

“The people there were very polite and helpful They took the water sample that I brought in and ran a test and cleared my pool right up.”

Janice D.

“Very knowledgeable owners/employees helped me with plumbing a pump and filter system that I could not figure out. Recommend highly.”

Fred S.

“These people offer great service after the sale! I live over an hour away and they sometimes mail me parts/accessories with no charge. Couldn’t ask for a better place to shop for pool supplies.”

Patricia L.

“I have a non-brand name hot tub and could not find a compatible pump that went out. Chris and Megan tried for several weeks to find one, although it was discontinued. When one was finally found they walked me through on how to wire the new one. They are (and always are) professional, and polite and will bend over backwards to assist their customers. Great people!!”

Scott C.

“One of the best! The staff are very knowledgeable and kind. I’m a pool newbie and they have made it so easy. Prices are reasonable and the water testing is an awesome service. Ready to take on opening this pool with their help!”

Carly D.

“I’ve always had a great experience with this store. Very knowledgeable staff and a large variety of items. With a sample of water, they can get you the right combinations of chemicals that clear your pool up.”

Roger W.